Service & Support

When purchasing an instrument from us, Contromat team will be happy to operate the equipment with the customer on-site, perform a preliminary check and initial setup. We will also be happy to guide the customer in the correct use and recommended maintenance instructions for the products.

Contromat products are at the forefront of the technology and supplied by the best manufacturers in the field, so each product has warranty. In addition, when there is a warranty claim or malfunction, we will be happy to fix the problem by repairing the device or providing an alternative one.

We provide periodical calibration services for our products. Some of them are carried out in our laboratory using “master” devices and standards from the best manufacturers and if necessary we will send the equipment to our various manufacturers.

Contromat team undergoes periodic professional training with the manufacturers to be an expert in the various products. We will be happy to get to the customer site and preform a professional training so that our customers will also be experts in the variety of devices.

At Contromat laboratory you can find a listening ear and full technical support (also over the phone). With the large database, spare parts and test & diagnostic equipment, we can solve any problem that arises.

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